Wijk-2012 Is Called the Strongest Ever, Although Without Anand and Kramnik

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The field for the three tournaments of January festival have been announced 

The official website of the festival (as in last year it’s named after its sponsor “Tata Steel”) has announced the field of the three tournaments which will take place from 14th Jan – 29th Jan. 

Group A (hereinafter ratings for 1st Sep):

Magnus Carlsen, Norway 2823
Levon Aronian, Armenia 2807
Sergey Karjakin, Russia 2772
Veselin Topalov, Bulgaria, 2768
Vasily Ivanchuk, Ukraine 2765
Vugar Gashimov, Azerbaijan 2756
Gata Kamsky, USA 2756
Hikaru Nakamura, USA 2753
Teymour Radjabov, Azerbaijan 2752
Boris Gelfand, Israel 2746
Anish Giri, Netherlands 2722
Fabiano Caruana, Italy 2712
David Navara, Czech Republic 2705

Loek van Wely, Netherlands 2689

Average raiting: 2752
Category: 21

It's noteworthy that neither Anand nor Kramnik are going to play in the tournament. "However" Veselin Topalov and Anand's challenger for the World's Champion title Boris Gelfand are among the participants.

Despite the absence of the afore-mentioned players Tata Steel Chess Tournament is considered to be the strongest ever. The official press release, translated and tidied up by Mark Crowther, says:

"It features 10 of the top 15 chess players in the world. With an average rating of 2752 it exceeds the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, anniversary edition of 2008, in terms of rating, when the average was 2740. It is also the first time in the history that a tournament with 14 participants with such a strong positions in the rating list. There is a rookie in the A-Group, Vugar Gashimov from Azerbaijan, the current number-10 in the world".

Let's have a look at the participants of another tournaments:

Group В:

Alexander Motylev, Russia 2690
Lazaro Bruzon, Cuba 2682
Pentala Harikrishna, India 2672
Vladimir Potkin, Russia 2671
Sergey Tiviakov, Netherlands 2647
Dimitri Reinderman, Netherlands 2594
Ervin L'Ami, Netherlands 2592
Sipke Ernst, Netherlands 2581
Illya Nyzhnik, Ukraine 2561
Jan Timman, Netherlands 2555
Ekaterina Lahno, Ukraine 2554
Daniele Vocaturo, Italy 2537
Viktorija Cmilyte, Lithuania 2525
Harika Dronavalli, India 2505

Average rating: 2598
Category: 14

The competition is "leaded" by two participants from Poikovsky - Motylev and Bruzon. Three female GMs, among them the current champion and the former twice champion of Europe, are keeping company to others. 

Even more women in the third by status tournament:

Group С:

Maxim Turov, Russia 2643
Matthew Sadler, England 2625
Hans Tikkanen, Sweden 2591
Daan Brandenburg, Netherlands 2522
Elina Danielian, Armenia 2517
Sahaij Grover, India 2514
Elizabeth Paehtz, Germany 2461
Tania Sadchev, India 2419
Pieter Hopman, Netherlands 2351
Lars Ootes, Netherlands 2340
Lisa Schut, Netherlands 2290
Anna Haast, Netherlands 2264
Etienne Goudriaan, Netherlands 2250

Average raiting: 2445
Category: 8

photo - Fred Lukas 


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