Etienne Bacrot Conquers Poikovsky

Время публикации: 13.10.2011 20:56 | Последнее обновление: 13.10.2011 21:22

French bypassed his rival at the homestretch

The picture you see is taken several hours ago. The winner of the Karpov tournament Bacrot is having a walk back to his hotel in night Poikovsky. Etienne defeated Zakhar Efimenko.

Before the last round Karjakin was ahead of Bacrot and Caruana by half a point. And it was known that in the case of point equality Bacrot would win over Karjakin on tie-breaks.

Karjakin didn’t risk and made a quick draw with Motylev. For some time there weren’t any doubts about who would win the competition but everything changed at 44th move of Efimenko – Bacrot duel. Ukrainian made a decisive mistake:


44.с3? 44.Kd2 seems to be a way better solution. So, after 44…Ra2! White are helpless against Black’s “a” pawn.


Thereby, this is the second time Bacrot not just comes to Poikovsky but wins Karpov tournament. First Etienne conquered this oil-rich Siberian town six years ago, that time he won over Viorel Bologan also on tie-break.

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