Grand Prix: Stefanova Blundered a Pawn. Chinese Sportswomen Lead Confidently

Время публикации: 10.10.2011 22:17 | Последнее обновление: 10.10.2011 22:34

The second round of the Women's Grand Prix that takes place in Nalchik, Russia brought only two decisive games. 

Kosteniuk - Zhao Xue face-off turned to be lucky for the Chinese player. Kosteniuk was inaccurate in the opening what practically predetermined the result of the game.

Ju Wenjun was luckier than former World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova who just blundered a pawn on the 26th move.

26...b5?? 27.Ne7+ Kf8 28.Nxc6, Ju Wenjun won gradually.

Other games resulted in a draw without any obvious chances to score. 

After the two rounds Chinese sportswomen Ju Wenjun and Zhao Xue are leading with 2 points each.

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