Garry Kasparov: "Not Bad for The Veterans!”

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G.SOSONKO: The press-conference has finished, a lot of people are here, applauses… Both chess players admitted that they made a lot of mistakes what keeped chances to vary; and those two games that Garik unexpectedly lost. But in the last game he revenged for everything. Right now it’s a closing ceremony here. Are we on the air?

E.SUROV: Yes, we’re on the air.

G.SOSONKO: Garry is here.

E.SUROV: Hello Mr. Kasparov. Let me congratulate you with the victory.

G.KASPAROV: Well… that wasn’t the best performance one could imagine but I think that wasn’t bad for the veterans.

E.SUROV: What were you thinking before the last game?

G.KASPAROV: Well, I was just thinking what a good position I had in the 7th game.

Even after a blunder 30…Nd2 White still could balance the position by playing 31. Bxb5 Kc8 32.Qd3 Nxb1 33.Qxb1 and answering 34.Na6! on 33…Qxc3. Under the threat of Bd7 check. 

White is not worse at all with that black rook on h7. I mean I was thinking to beat him confidently. But, I had to play…

Well, Nigel was good in playing gambits with White. 




E.SUROV: In general, the match…

G.KASPAROV: Well, it was fun; and the broadcast was good. So, I have to make pictures here… 

G.SOSONKO: That’s it Zhenia, good luck and good bye!

E.SUROV: Thank you!


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