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Garry Kasparov to play Nigel Short in blitz match


 Belgian Leuven is the place where will be held on the one hand just a friendly blitz match of old friends and rivals, but on the other hand an event that attracted attention of the whole chess world since one of the participants is Garry Kasparov. There will be 8 blitz games with 5+2 time control.

Our website is expecting to have a phone connection with Genna Sosonko who will commentate live. Don’t miss the evening broadcasting on Chess-News.

View further information about the match on our special webpage.

Let us remind you that Kasparov – Short face-off has a rich history including their controversial battle for the chess crown in 1993. Nigel short became Garry’s challenger by defeating Anatoly Karpov in Candidates tournament. The match took place in London but beyond FIDE regulations. Kasparov won with a decisive advantage and the world got two champions for several years – “simply” Kasparov and “FIDE World Champion” Karpov. 

Another nostalgic match with his historic rival Anatoly Karpov, Kasparov played two years ago in Seville. The 13th World Champion didn’t leave any chances to his challenger neither in rapid game nor in blitz. That was a turning point to stop all talks about the “series of matches” in different cities

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