Why Is Bulgaria Not Playing in Reykjavik?

Время публикации: 21.11.2015 01:05 | Последнее обновление: 30.11.2015 06:01

People ask, Danailov answers

The story of the Israeli National Team missing the European Team Championship has been covered by Chess-News. However, there were several other teams who also didn't arrive in Reykjavik. One of such is Bulgarian team.

Several Bulgarian GMs have addressed this question in their open letter sent to the Minister of Sports Krasen Kralev. Overall 34 players have signed the letter.  

The language the players used in the letter is quite emotional. Susan Polgar published its English version on her blog: "who and when took the decision our country not to participate in these competitions?", "why in the past year the leaders of BCF have self-excluded from the international chess life? Why didn’t Bulgaria have a representative at the FIDE Congress in Dubai or the General ECU assembly in Montenegro?", "Who, Mr. Minister, takes such crucial decisions for Bulgarian chess?" - these are only a few questions the players ask in their letter.

The questions are supposed to be rhetorical. If Silvio Danailov's name is not mentioned directly, it is meant in all of the questions asked. That's why we contacted Mr. Danailov for the commentary. According to the president of Bulgarian Chess Federation, the letter is written by Kiril Georgiev who feels offended because the federation banned him for three years. Moreover, half of the signatures have been falsified by Georgiev and those players have confirmed this, Danailov says.

The actual reason behind Bulgarian team missing the championship is simple and even banal: the state hasn't allocated additional funds for the team to travel to Iceland.

The Russian teams lead in both men's and women's sections after seven rounds.  


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