"Have You Guys Colluded In Here?"

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The day promised to be thrilling - either Peter Svidler was going to celebrate the overall victory with one game to spare, or Karjakin would manage to work a miracle once again. 

As the person who have been staying in Baku from the very start of the tournament, I can divide the competition into three parts. 

Rounds 1-5. Overwhelming interest. From the first moves of round 1 till the last sip of water by Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, which he had just before congratulating Karjakin on advancing to the semifinals.
Round 6, Semi-finals. There's still an intrigue left, but not for the local fans. A lot of them would never return to the Hotel Fairmont after Mamedyarov's elimination.   

Round 7, Final. Tasks are fulfilled, goals are achieved. Back to work, comrades! Two grandmasters are trying to apply last bits of their strength and find additional motivation. New faces arrived to celebrate the outcome they already knew - a Russian player will win anyway. Even the Sun protests against such predetermination and has been hiding for already three days in a row. The open swimming pool is already closed, as the season is over.  

Vladimir Barsky: getting closer to the favourite.

It's interesting whom or what this cameraman was documenting?

Svidler in suspense: his opponent would appear just two minutes before the start of the game.  

These children have just returned from Croatia with silver medals from the European Championship under different age categories. 

Marina Makarycheva and her cameraman working with the little heroes.

* * *

The photo below is the best summary of this playing day.

Eteri Kublashvili is on her seat, while the player she is photographing had to be Svidler. Well, not that he "had to" but honestly, Peter was expected to be sitting there. "Too early!"

After the English commentary, Karjakin moved to Sergey Shipov's commentary room. The winner was quite reserved and focused on his goal. He even refrained from his usual special commentary for Chess-News. 

The director of the tournament Mahir Mammadov asked the question that fits the situation the best: "Have you guys colluded in here?"

"No-no!" - Karjakin replied confidently.

"Maybe everything is yet to come?" - I thought for a moment. All those thoughts meddling in...


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