What To Spend the Money On?

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Caruana will buy a goat, Carlsen a bike for his second, whilst Giri has domestic concerns on his mind

In St Louis, the final press conference and closing ceremony of the Sinquefield Cup has taken place. Levon Aronian received the first prize and spoke some kind words about the organisers. He said that, of all places in the USA, he feels most at home in St Louis, with its great hospitality and fine architecture. 

"As for Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield, in the entire history of chess, I do not know of anyone who has sponsored chess with such love and without asking anything in return. Enormous thanks to them". 

The participants in the Grand Chess Tour receive money prizes, based on the results in each round. Unlike the overall series points, the money prizes are shared in the event of a tie. 

St Louis:
2-5.Carlsen, Nakamura, Vachier-Lagrave, Giri
6-7. Grischuk, Topalov
8-9 Caruana, Anand

What will the players spend their money on? This question came from the hall. 

Vachier-Lagrave: "I would like to visit Australia and see the Australian Open tennis. I have never been there".
Anand: "I am afraid that with my earnings from this tournament, to have some little vacation would be a better idea".
Caruana: "I think I will buy a goat. It will see tactics better than me".
Nakamura: "I can't say anything unusual. Probably, like Vishy, I will just relax somewhere".
Aronian: "Perhaps I will buy a piece of art, as recommended by the experts on this subject Rex and Jeanne".
Giri: "This is not a simple question for me, because I am returning to a new apartment, where there is still nothing. I will have to think what to get".
Carlsen: "Perhaps I will buy Peter Heine [Nielsen] a new bike. He needs a faster one".
Wesley So: "Perhaps I can answer this question when I win such a tournament".
Grischuk: "As they said in an old Soviet animated cartoon, before you spend it, you must earn it. And to earn it, you need to play better than I did".
Topalov: "In my case, this is a question that I should ask my wife".

And this is how much the players have earned so far for the two stages of the series.


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