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Magnus Carlsen does not want to be a spectator again in the Sinquefield Cup 

Today at 21.00 Moscow time, the players in the Sinquefield Cup will take their places to start the second stage of the Grand Chess Tour. The first in June ended with a victory for Veselin Topalov. Then, in Stavanger, the ex- FIDE world champion began with a surprising and dramatic win over the current world champion Magnus Carlsen, who never recovered from the blow. What will happen this time? By the irony of the draw, Carlsen and Topalov will again meet in the first round. 

Saint Louis. The series leader and his manager are ready for new tests.

The level of the event is unique: for the first time ever, we have the top five 2800s to get here, not to mention eight of the current top ten in the world. 

Magnus CARLSEN 2853
Veselin TOPALOV  2816
Viswanathan ANAND 2816
HIkaru NAKAMURA 2814
Fabiano CARUANA 2808
Anish GIRI 2793
Wesley SO 2779
Alexander GRISCHUK 2771
Levon ARONIAN 2765

As throughout the series, the event is a round robin tournament, with a time control of 120'/40+(60'+30''/move ).

Yesterday evening there was an autograph session of the main faces. 

This is the third time that the Sinquefield Cup (named after sponsor millionaire Rex Sinquefield) has been run. In 2013, four players played and last year it was raised to six, and this event is remembered for Caruana's phenomenal run of seven successive wins. Everyone else was irrelevant, including the world champion, who was second, three points (!) behind the winner. Today in St Louis, Carlsen himself came up with the best quote: "Last year, like Wesley, I was also a spectator..." 

Now the Sinquefield Cup is part of the Grand Chess Tour; the players are playing not only for prizes in the event itself, but also the whole series. Overall, Carlsen is only seventh and will be keen to avoid being a spectator again. The other baggage the world champion is carrying is statistical: according to Tarjei Svensen, this year Magnus has already lost six games, more than in the whole period starting in 2011.  

Rules, tables, and other material on the event    


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