FIDE Announces Women's Grand Prix Series 2015-2016: Four Stages from Monte Carlo to China

Время публикации: 12.08.2015 20:33 | Последнее обновление: 13.08.2015 21:58

FIDE has announced the 2015-16 women's Grand Prix series, the results of which will determine one participant in the 2017 world championship match.

Dates and venues for the four stages:

2-16 October 2015 - Monte Carlo, Monaco
February 2016 - Kish, Iran
May 2016 - Tbilisi, Georgia
July 2016 - Chengdu, China

16 players will take part, ten by qualifying, four nominated by the organisers and two chosen by the FIDE President.

Here are the ten who already have the right to play in the series, from whom FIDE is awaiting signed contracts: 

Mariya Muzychuk (world champion 2015 in Sochi)
Natalya Pogonina (runner-up in 2016 world championship)
Pia Cramling (semifinalist in world championship)
Harika Dronavalli (semifinalist in world championship)
Hou Yifan (here and below, on average rating Aug 2014 - July 2015)
Humpy Koneru
Nana Dzagnidze
Xu Wenjun
Anna Muzychuk
Valentina Gunina

First reserve - Alexandra Kosteniuk (also on average rating) .

Here you can read the rules of the series.


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