Vladimir Kramnik: "I Am Surprised That So Few Players Nowadays are Concerned About Cheating"

Время публикации: 12.08.2015 11:38 | Последнее обновление: 14.08.2015 04:39

On our site, the ex-world champion explained why he disagrees with Magnus Carlsen's suggestion to change the system for playing for the world championship. 

In Kramnik's opinion, the present system does not need radical changes. But what needs much more serious attention is the problem of cheating: "I am surprised that few players and really concerned with the issue of cheating", writes the famous GM. "I think this is a very serious problem and we need to concentrate on solving it. This problem is not going to go away, and will only get worse, so the sooner we deal with it, the more effective the results will be." 

You can read Kramnik's full article here.  


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