Points and Cash. Who Earned What In Stavanger

Время публикации: 26.06.2015 02:28 | Последнее обновление: 26.06.2015 03:02

Let us remind you that the Stavanger tournament won by Veselin Topalov was the first stage of Grand Chess Tour series. As well as in the FIDE Grand Prix, the participants get overall points according to their places in each of the tournaments. The current standings are as follows:

Unlike the FIDE Grand Prix, if there is a tie between two or more players in a tournament then the overall points are not shared, being distributed according to the tiebreaks. That's why, for instance, Anand is higher than Nakamura in the standings.

And that's how the cash prizes in Grand Chess Tour events look:

Thus, in Stavanger Topalov has earned $75000, Anand - $50000, Nakamura - 40000, and so on.
Norway Chess 2015, Stavanger: final standings, games, reports, etc.

The best three players in the whole series will get extra prizes of $75000, $50000, and $25000 respectively.


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