Voronezh: Russian Blitz Champion Wins FischerRandom Tournament

Время публикации: 12.06.2015 12:25 | Последнее обновление: 13.06.2015 22:52

In Voronezh, the 19th Alekhine Memorial is taking place, one of the most well-known chess festivals in the Russian calendar. It traditionally begins with two fast tournaments. The first day saw a FischerRandom tournament (15 minutes + 3 seconds per move), in which 56 players took part, including 12 GMs. The winner was Dmitry Bocharov from Novosibirsk, with 6/7. We would remind you that he recently became Russian blitz champion.

Bocharov was not bothered by the unusual starting positions (photo - vrnchessfestival.org)

The following day, the players moved over to traditional chess. In the rapid event, (130 players, 16 GMs) the winner was Alexey Goganov of St Petersburg with 8/9, half a point ahead of Boris Savchenko from Krasnodar. On 7 points came Mikhail Demidov, Daniil Linchevsky, Andrey Stukolin, Savielly Golubov and last year's winner of the main tournament, Pavel Ponkratov. 

The highlight of the programme is the Master Open (9-round Swiss) which starts on 12 June. The starting list at this moment contains 142 players. Alongside is a FIDE open for amateurs rated up to 2200.

Chess-News will soon have more information on the FischerRandom tournament. 


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  • The 19th Alekhine Memorial in Voronezh, as in the previous three years, opened with a FischerRandom Chess (FRC) tournament. This year it attracted a record number of players - 56 (including 12 grandmasters), ie. just over half the number in the main event. However, I must say that this number is not much higher than the previous years - in 2013 there were 52 participants.

  • The opening ceremony of the new festival with an old name Aeroflot Open will be held today at 20:00 MSK time (17:00 CET). The dates are as usually chosen so that the participants of Moscow Open are able to play at another open competition right after finishing the first one.    

    Program of the festival:

  • The tournament in memory of Mikhail Tal will nevertheless take place in Russia this year, and quite soon: it will be held in Sochi, in the same Media Center as the current Carlsen - Anand match. The only difference from the previously cancelled Tal Memorial is that now it's a blitz tournament. No information is currently available about whether it's a one-time event or the one to become traditional.

  • The Russian Chess Federation which organizes Aeroflot Open 2013 decided to change the format of the festival. The changes made are so complicated that we offer you the schedule of the festival published on the RCF website at full:  

    February, 11th – Arrival, Opening Ceremony.

  • Three Swiss-system tournaments with the classical time control will be held within the Aeroflot Open-2015 which is re-launched in Russia this year as Chess-News has already reported. The highlight will be the A-tournament open for players with Elo 2550 or higher. The playing dates are March 29th - April 6th, with all the rounds of the tournaments A and B beginning at 15:00 Moscow time. On April 7th, the open blitz tournament will be held (Swiss system, 9 double rounds).

  • Internet Blitz Grand Prix has finished on “Chess Planet” internet portal. Strarting from the 3-rd of June this year, the tournament consisted of 3 parts:
    1.    Four Swiss play-offs;
    2.    Final tournaments: 4 groups (12 players each) which played a round tournaments;
    3.    Superfinal knock-out played between 8 players.

  • One of the Russian Rapid Grand Prix tournaments took place in Shakty. 127 chess players took part in the competition including Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov, Alexander Galkin, Sanan Sjugirov, Boris Savchenko and Dmitry Kokarev. 

    Malakhov-Galkin: who is faster in the endgame (photo by Evgeny Potemkin)

  • Parallel with the main event, Biel traditionally runs an Open section, the "Masters". This year, 11-round Swiss was contested by 78 players and the first prize winner was Emil Sutovsky. 

  • The Russian Men and Women Rapid Chess Championships have finished in St. Petersburg.

  • This year's Nesis Cup Grandmaster Rapid Chess Tournament, was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the famous chess specialist and to the 40th anniversary of coaching and teaching activities of FIDE Senior Trainer, Merited Master of Sports, professor Gennady Nesis. The tournament held in Kirishi gathered 28 players, half of which were GMs.