Alexey Dreev: "Fischerrandom Chess Can Save Us All From Everyday Cheating"

Время публикации: 09.06.2015 10:50 | Последнее обновление: 09.06.2015 17:10

Alexey Dreev has become another grandmaster to propose switching from classical chess to FischerRandom. On our site, he tries to explain why such a change is overdue:

"We are all cheats! Unfair play has been going on for 20 years already - ever since the computer became an integral part of the preparation of a chess player... The problem is that this has become the norm for us all. We have closed our eyes to this. And only one man of genius figured out how, without violating the essence of the game, to eliminate all this massive preparation. Somehow, his idea - FischerRandom Chess - is still misunderstood. But this is the same chess, nothing has changed....Of course, FischerRandom chess is not a panacea against computer assistance during a game, but at least it can save us from everyday cheating, which we are all infected by". 

You can read Dreev's article in full here


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