Kiril Georgiev: "I Will Fight For My Rights"

Время публикации: 08.06.2015 15:28 | Последнее обновление: 09.06.2015 17:28

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Bulgarian GM Kiril Georgiev, who was banned for three years by the Bulgarian Chess Federation on Saturday, gave a live interview on our site last night. In the course of an hour-long discussion and question- and-answer session with our listeners, he spoke about his conflict with the Bulgarian Federation and its President, Silvio Danailov. We present some brief extracts in translation below. The audio file in Russian can be found above, and the full Russian transcript here

"I have sent an open letter to Ilyumzhinov, explaining the allegations regarding the tournaments at Albena and Golden Sands... I want to inform him that the Bulgarian federation has not been open about its accounting matters in recent years. In recent years, a lot of strange things have happened in our federation... I am sick of it. Too many people have remained silent for too long..."

In response to Danailov's claim that the accusations are politically-motivated, Georgiev denied this:

"There is no politics involved, no conspiracy, no foreign agencies, nothing. We are just chessplayers and we are speaking about what is going on within the Bulgarian Federation...."We", in this context, being GMs Inkev, Stefan Sergiev and others... We have no personal motives. ...Yes, I have known Danailov many years. At first, things were all fine but relations became bad in recent years... It started at the Istanbul Olympiad...then I was kicked out of the national team. I was promised payment for the trip to the European Championship in Israel, as Bulgarian Champion, but they never paid me... I have tried to meet with Danailov to patch things up, but he is always very angry and does not want to..."

Georgiev says he was not surprised by his ban:

"It was no surprise. I told friends the week before that I expected some punishment for the press conference. I know how these people operate...They are supposed to invite me to a hearing and let me respond and defend myself, but they did not do this...It is not fatal for me, I can play in other countries. But it is unpleasant. "

Asked whether he will appeal, he responded:

"Of course, I will fight for my rights. But this could take a long time... I will speak to lawyers and get their advice what best to do... I won't sit on my hands, I will fight... A great many people in Bulgaria support me... Over 90%, and abroad too..."


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