Bulgarian Chess Federation Bans Kiril Georgiev for Three Years

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The grandmaster accused the Bulgarian federation of corruption. Danailov: "He has been used".

The famous Bulgarian grandmaster, and current national champion Kiril Georgiev, held a press conference at which he, together with his colleagues Simeon Stoichkov and Metodi Stoynev, accused the Bulgarian Chess Federation (BCF) of corruption. And the accusations are addressed not only at the BCF, but the Ministry of Sports in the country, which, according to Georgiev, is directly involved in money laundering.

The press conference was held in Bulgarian and to understand the essence of the issue, we used the English translation of the main points that appeared on the Facebook page of Darko Polimac, Irish chess coach, member of the Commission on Education of the ECU, an ardent supporter of the current leadership of FIDE and the ECU, and no less ardent opponent of Silvio Danailov. Georgiev confirmed to us that the translation is accurate.

The grandmaster began his speech by mentioning two Bulgarian open tournaments - in Albena and Golden Sands. According to Georgiev, the BCF received from the Ministry of Sport 447 000 leva (about 228,000 euros) to run these events. However, these were unofficial tournaments, and therefore there is no legal basis for their being financed by the state. Georgiev informed the Minister of Sport, Krasen Kralev, of this, but from his response "it became apparent that the Department is protecting the BCF and supporting its activities." And those involved in this include not only the minister, but also those members of his team, who are responsible for the control of financial flows.

ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili has also approached the Ministry of Sports about this issue. His letter indicated that the two tournaments conducted last year had nothing to do with the ECU calendar. But this violation of the rules had no consequences. Once again, the response of the head of the Ministry disappointed the complainants, who became still more convinced of the complicity of officials of Bulgarian sport.

According to Georgiev, the BCF was involved in money laundering in 2011. "There is a huge weight of evidence, but the most obvious is based on the Public Financial Inspection Agency."

Another scam, according to the accusers, was the registration of an illegitimate organization called "European Chess Union". It was set up on 4 May 2011 in an offshore zone (in the USA). The goal was to transfer to this organization cash which exceeded the usual BCF contributions to the ECU. Georgiev gives an example: the BCF annually gives to the ECU 70-80 thousand leva, while in the period 2011-2012 the sum transferred out was ten times higher. This has been reported to the National Police, who are investigating.

On the ECU website, an announcement appeared, addressed to all the national federations, which says that there is one and only one "European Chess Union". Its official bank account is in Switzerland, not in the United States.

Georgiev also offers an exercise in mathematics. In 2011 and 2012, 247,000 leva was allocated for the tournament in Albena (for venue hire), while the daily cost was just 15 thousand, and the tournament lasted just 10 days. Separately, a further 80 000 leva was paid for medical expenses, and 90 000 for food. In the same years 2011 and 2012, the BCF leadership spent 98 and 88 thousand leva respectively on trips abroad.

The total of these various machinations is estimated at more than three million leva (1.5 million euros). "But it is interesting that the Ministry of Sports in the audits found no violations over the years," says Georgiev.

* * *

BCF President Silvio Danailov replied to the allegations in comments to our site:

"Firstly, there is a personal issue. Kiril hates Topalov and me, and has done for a long time, everyone in Bulgaria knows this. He has been very jealous of us all his life. Kiril is a rather limited man with a very low culture and education.

In addition, he is very prone to being manipulated. He was used by my political enemies in FIDE and the ECU - they filed false information to discredit me. All these charges are nonsense and lies. At Kiril's request, two official inspections were carried out by independent inspectors. And both times he received an official response from the ministry that no violations were found.

And now his "friends" at FIDE and the ECU have thrown up new "essential information" and he is again the lucky recipient. He does not even realize how bad it is, now he has publicly accused the minister of sport and government officials of corruption. His "friends" have just cleverly used him, and now they dump him and throw him overboard as unnecessary rubbish. They themselves did not show their faces and are now sarcastically laughing. They sacrificed a pawn for the initiative, as it were. But the attack bogged down, and once again did not lead to anything."

Yesterday, a meeting of the leadership of the BCF was held, in which it was decided to disqualify Georgiev and his two companions "for committing public, deliberate and coordinated actions aimed at undermining the authority of the Bulgarian Chess Federation and discrediting its leadership, by placing in the public domain false, unfounded, derogatory allegations of corruption and abuse, as well as undermining the authority of the Minister of Youth and Sports and the whole Ministry, by spreading slander."

The BCF Board found the actions of the accusers to be unacceptable and a violation of the Constitution and the code of ethics of the federation. Georgiev and Stoynev were suspended for three years, Stoichkov for five, because he is a recidivist. During the period of their bans, these persons will not be able to play in tournaments in Bulgaria, or to act as arbiters, trainers or organizers of events.

* * *

Today at 21:00 Moscow time, do not miss the interview with Kiril Georgiev on live radio Chess-News. You can ask him your questions.


Kiril Georgiev isn't simply a well-known Grandmaster. He is a legendary one. His main successes happened in the 1980's when, among other achievements, he won the world junior chess championship. He played for the Bulgarian team 15 times in the Olympiads. This is not the first time a public conflict between him and Danailov/Topalov takes place: in 2012, Georgiev blamed the leader of the national team, as well as his manager, for the team's disastrous performance in the Istanbul Olympiad.



The initial English

The initial English translation of this article (first published in Russian) contained errors in the figures. They have already been corrected. We apologize for the possible misinformation.


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