WWCC Semifinals: M.Muzychuk Misses Good Chance in Tense Endgame

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While Pia Cramling managed to take advantage of her white pieces in the first game of her semifinal match against Natalija Pogonina, Mariya Muzychuk was close to that too. As well as Cramling, she quickly got a better ending against Harika Dronavalli and was maintaining the pressure till almost the very end, even though Harika was defending well. However, Muzychuk missed a good opportunity by her 48th move.

M.MUZYCHUK - HARIKA (semifinal, game 1)

48.Bd7? The Ukrainian player should have forced the black king to f6 in order to threaten with g4-g5 with tempo: 48.Re7+! Kf6 49.Rd7!
Now there is no fortress in case Black trades off the rooks, because the white king will eventually go to collect the black queenside pawns via the last rank: 49...Rxd7 50.Bxd7 b4!? (or 50...Nh3 51.Bxb5 Ng5 52.b3! Ne4+ 54.a4! Ng5 55.Bc4 Nf2 [otherwise 56.Kg8] 56.g5+! Kxg5 57.Kg7, and so on) 51.axb4 (51.g5+? Ke7) 51...Nh3 52.b5! (of course not 52.bxc5? bxc5 with a draw). Then White will play b2-b3, transfer the bishop to c4, and Black won't be able to stop the king's march via g8 due to zugzwang.
In case the heavy pieces remain on the board, the evaluation staggers between White's win and a draw: 48...Rh8+ (or 49...Rb8!? 50.Bh7 Ne6 51.Rd2, and Black should either let the passed pawn go forward or give away some pawns as in the other line) 50.Bh7 Ne6 51.Rd6. Now Black has to be very resourseful: 51...Ke5 52.Rxb6 Rd8! 53.Rxb5 Rd6!, and the resistance is still possible due to various tactical tricks.
48...Rh8+ 49.Kg7. The problem is 49.Rh7 Rg8! (with the sudden threat of mate in one) 50.Bf5 Nd5 51.Rf7 Ne3, and Black's counterplay is sufficient.
49...Rh2 50.Rf5+ Kd6 51.Bxb5 Ne6+ 52.Kg6 Rxb2 53.a4 Nd4 54.Rf6+ Ke5 55.Rxb6 c4 56.Rb8 c3 57.Rc8 Nxb5 58.axb5 Kd4 59.g5 Rxb5 60.Kf6. 1/2 (Annotated by GM Andrey Deviatkin)

 [Event "WCh Women 2015"] [Site "Sochi RUS"] [Date "2015.03.29"] [Round "4.7"] [White "Muzychuk, Mariya"] [Black "Harika, Dronavalli"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [ECO "C45"] [Opening "Scotch game"] [EventDate "2015.03.17"] [Board "1"] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 exd4 4. Nxd4 Bb4+ 5. c3 Bc5 6. Be3 Bb6 7. Nf5 g6 8. Bxb6 axb6 9. Ne3 Nf6 10. f3 Qe7 11. c4 Qb4+ 12. Qd2 Qxd2+ 13. Kxd2 d6 14. Nc3 Kd8 15. Ncd5 Nxd5 16. cxd5 Ne5 17. Be2 Re8 18. a3 f5 19. exf5 Bxf5 20. Rhe1 h5 21. f4 Ng4 22. Nxf5 gxf5 23. Bb5 Re4 24. Rxe4 fxe4 25. h3 Nf6 26. Ke3 Ke7 27. Rc1 Ra5 28. Be2 Nxd5+ 29. Kxe4 c6 30. g4 hxg4 31. hxg4 b5 32. Bd1 Ra8 33. Bb3 Nf6+ 34. Kf5 Rf8 35. Re1+ Kd8 36. Re6 Nd5+ 37. Kg5 Nxf4 38. Rxd6+ Ke7 39. Rh6 Nd3 40. Re6+ Kd7 41. Re2 c5 42. Bc2 Nf4 43. Rd2+ Ke6 44. Bf5+ Ke5 45. Rd7 Rg8+ 46. Kh6 b6 47. Rf7 Rd8 48. Bd7 Rh8+ 49. Kg7 Rh2 50. Rf5+ Kd6 51. Bxb5 Ne6+ 52. Kg6 Rxb2 53. a4 Nd4 54. Rf6+ Ke5 55. Rxb6 c4 56. Rb8 c3 57. Rc8 Nxb5 58. axb5 Kd4 59. g5 Rxb5 60. Kf6 1/2-1/2 

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