Pictures From Jerusalem

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250 players are taking part in the European Championship in Jerusalem. Although the European Women's Championship will be held separately, in the Georgian resort town of Chakvi from May 18th to May 31st, the ongoing tournament in Israel is open for women as well as for men. WGM Nino Batsiashvili of Georgia is one of many female players who decided to compete in a very strong company and see the holy sites of the largest and probably the most famous city of Israel. Besides, she is the one who has sent us pictures of the event. You will find the pictures below, with the addition of photos taken from the official Facebook page of the championship.

Zurab Sturua is here to help the Georgian players

The unimitable Semen Dvoirys

Aleksandra Goryachkina, the reigning World Champion among girls under 20

Ivan Saric, one of the few players who managed to beat Carlsen as the World Champion

Boris Gelfand visited the commentary room during the second round

Moshe Slav's firm handshake

Alexander Beliavsky

Nino Batsiashvili: a player, a photographer, and simply a person of many talents


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  • While the first free day of the European Championship saw the tours to the Dead Sea and the fortress of Masada, the second day-off gave the participants the opportunity to enjoy the Old City of Jerusalem.

  • The European Championship taking place in Jerusalem saw its first free day yesterday, on February 28th. Many participants have spent it sightseeing; the program consisted of a journey to the Dead Sea and a tour to Masada, a famous ancient fortress.

  • Chairman of Appeal Сommittee at the Women's European Championship, Fiona Steil-Antoni, went for a walk around Chakvi yesterday evening. She was accompanied by the player most discussed at the tournament so far, Mihaela Sandu.

  • World Junior Championships under 20 are coming to an end today in Pune, India. The champions are already known: Lu Shanglei (China) won the gold in the Open championship with 10/13, while Aleksandra Goryachkina (Russia) totally dominated the Girls championship with 11 out of 13 which is one point and a half ahead of the nearest rivals.

    We are presenting a photo report based on the pictures by IA Ilgar Bajarani and WIM Elena Boric who were in Pune during the championships.

  • The RGSU has welcomed the participants of the Moscow Open yesterday.

    The rating favourite of the A group GM Ian Nepomniachtchi

  • Our special correspondent in Stavanger Dmitry Ostanin sent us some photos from the tournament.

  • The first five rounds of the 1st stage of the Rapid Grand Prix among men and women have started in Tbilisi, Georgia. The 9-round Swiss event with the time control 15+10 is organized by the Georgian Chess Federation. There will be overall four stages of the Grand Prix. 

  • When I started to prepare this report, I saw the appalling news from Moscow. It destroyed my wish to describe the closing ceremony of the third Grand Prix stage. I hope the readers will excuse me for this.

    The pictures are expressive enough so that you will probably need no hints to get the impression of how the Tbilisi stage finished.

  • It was clear with the Ukrainian team - the draw in the last round was enough for it to take gold, so we can only congratulate the team with this success.