Moscow Open: Nepomniachtchi, Vallejo, Lysyj...

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31.01.15 - 08.02.15
Moscow, Russia

Participants Regulations Schedule
A-tournament: Nepomniachtchi, Vallejo, Lysyj, Korobov, Alekseev E. , Sjugirov, Inarkiev, Khismatullin, Grachev B., Fedoseev, Petrosian T., Artemiev, Kokarev, Mamedov R., Khairullin... (246 players)

B-tournament: Goryachkina, Lei Tingjie, Szczepkowska-Horowska, Kovanova, Bodnaruk...  (136 players)

F-tournament: Dubov, Ter-Sahakyan, Belous, Bortnyk, Sadzikowski... (10 players)

G-tournament: Kashlinskaya, Saduakassova, Sukandar, Mammadova, Iwanow... (10 players)

The festival consists of 8 tournaments featuring:

A- tournament.
Men’s Russian Cup Russia Stage, 9-rounds Swiss
B-tournament. Women’s Russian Cup Stage, 9-rounds Swiss
F-tournamentStudents-grandmasters’ RSSU Cup, closed round-robin, 9 rounds
G-tournament. Female students-grandmasters’ RSSU Cup, closed round-robin, 9 rounds

See the complete list of Moscow Open competitions.

Time control for the tournaments mentioned above: (90' / 40 moves + 30' to the end) + 30'' increment starting from the first move
Playing days:
Jan 31 - Feb 08

Rounds start at 13:00 GMT (last round at 08:00 GMT)
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