Garry Kasparov Sums Up Wijk aan Zee Results: 'No Country For Old Men!'

Время публикации: 27.01.2015 02:38 | Последнее обновление: 27.01.2015 02:46

Right after Carlsen's final draw vs Saric that secured his first place in the main Tata Steel tournament, Garry Kasparov congratulated him in his Twitter:

Some time afterwards, Kasparov wrote a note on his Facebook where he makes observations about the tournament as well as about current chess trends in general.

First of all, he congratulates Carlsen once more: '"Congratulations" is one thing you never tire of hearing... He showed not just his skill, which we all recognize, but also his fighting spirit when he got off to a slow start'.

Then the great player points out the young age of the top 5 finishers: 'Magnus is just 24, but the pack of four players who finished just a half-point behind him are aged 20, 21, 22, and 24! No country for old men, with "old" being anyone born before 1990!' [This might give a strong hint to those still having huge chess ambitions at their 20+ with only 2500 something - AD]

According to Kasparov, this 'will push Carlsen to reach his potential': 'I would never have achieved my best chess without having Karpov around to challenge me, although I would not have said I enjoyed our constant matches at the time! For Magnus it is a little different. Although he has faced the veteran Anand in two consecutive world championship matches, Carlsen is clearly the leader of a whole new generation. They will not fade, they will only grow stronger and hungrier. So he must as well!'

The note ends with Kasparov's special congratulations to the young U.S. players, Sam Shankland and Sam Sevian, who both performed very well in the Challengers tournament (Shankland finished 3rd, Sevian tied for 5th). Both participated in the Kasparov Chess Foundation program, which apparently has a lot to do with the fact that Sevian became the youngest GM in the U.S. history in November 2014.


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