Tired Bulls

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

For the 10th round, the participants went to the Hague, as scheduled.

Someone has observed that the meals for the passengers were different from those on the way to Rotterdam.

Besides, there wasn't so much noise from the rear as Yasser Seirawan was absent. You can see Aronian on his seat.

The weather in the city of peace and justice (as the Hague is often called) was quite cold, around 0 °C.

The first stop was at the Mauritshuis, a famous art museum. The main photo session took place in front of Paulus Potter's The Bull. According to Carlsen, he asked how many cows there are in the painting, and the guides 'couldn't give the answer'.

The round itself was held in the Binnenhof, a complex of buildings which form the political center of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the playing conditions itself were a bit worse than in Rotterdam - the playing hall was quite tight. Maybe this is the reason for four rather quick draws (one of them extremely quick) the round started with?

'Ivanchuk just forced the draw... Well, that's his choice. He has the right to do that'.

As there wasn't much to do inside, Genna Sosonko, Vladimir Tukmakov, Julia Gromova, and yours truly went for a walk.

Genna having a little talk with a police woman. In Russia, taking such pictures is more difficult than in the Netherlands: at least one can get warned by the police officer.

The Ridderzaal

The Mauritshuis, which we've already visited, is located near the Binnenhof.

This tram's terminal stop is the Hague Tribunal. Once, maybe, this route... Part of Russian audience will understand me.

According to many experts, this round was the least interesting so far. Well, today is the last day-off, time to have rest from games and journeys before the crucial part of the chess distance.

Now it's time to go back to Wijk aan Zee. Jeroen van den Berg in person helps the players to get to the bus, as usual.

Yesterday, the Tata Steel tournament was the main event in the Hague.


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