Russia Still to Be Represented in Wijk aan Zee by Potkin and Gunina

Время публикации: 05.12.2014 04:55 | Последнее обновление: 05.12.2014 05:05

The complete field for the Challengers tournament of the Tata Steel Chess festival has been published on the official website. Here it is:

David Navara (Czech Republic, 2727)
Wei Yi (China, 2668)
Sam Shankland (United States, 2642)
Erwin l’Ami (The Netherlands, 2613)
Vladimir Potkin (Russia, 2608)
Robin van Kampen (The Netherlands, 2606)
Jan Timman (The Netherlands, 2592)
Salem Saleh (United Arab Emirates, 2586)
Bart Michiels (Belgium, 2554)
Valentina Gunina (Russia, 2522)
David Klein (The Netherlands, 2514)
Samuel Sevian (United States, 2511)
Anne Haast (The Netherlands, 2360)
Ari Dale (Australia, 2252)

The field of participants is something average between the cancelled B- and C-groups; the organizers describe it as 'a colourful mix of young and more experienced chess players', and it's hard to disagree with that. The official website currently provides no information on whether the winner will qualify for the 2016 main tournament or not.

The Challengers tournament will take place in Wijk aan Zee on January 2015 simultaneously with the main event (where Magnus Carlsen is expected to take part). We have already reported that there will be no Russian players in the strongest group, but in the Challengers list one can see Vladimir Potkin and Valentina Gunina.


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