Caruana Shares His Thoughts About Sochi Match and FIDE Cycle

Время публикации: 25.11.2014 17:31 | Последнее обновление: 26.11.2014 06:37

Fabiano Caruana thinks that Anand didn't believe in possibility of beating Magnus in the 12th game: 'In fact the only time he managed to win in the match it occurred due to Carlsen choosing a terrible variation. In the remaining games he didn’t come close'.

That's maybe the reason Anand went for the strange exchange sacrifice in the 11th game, said Caruana in his recent interview for Vlad Tkachiev. The interview was originally published in Russian in Tkachiev's new blog and later translated into English on

Another big mistake by the challenger, according to Caruana, was the use of Sicilian Defence (and especially the way it was handled by the Indian with Black) while things could have gone much more smoothly had the Berlin been played from the very beginning. (Which is in fact not too obvious, as Vishy suffered a painful loss already at the start when he attempted to go to Berlin but Carlsen deviated from it - AD).

Caruana pointed out that Magnus was nevertheless 'definitely stronger' and had been the obvious favourite before the start.

The 2nd ranked player in the world also touched upon a problem of the FIDE cycle, particularly the poorly thought-out Grand Prix system:

'The first two tournaments were organised almost one after the other, although there were plenty of available dates. At about the same time they were holding the Petrosian Memorial, in which I’d have liked to take part but was unable to because three events in a row is too much.
Plus over the course of half a year there was no information from them until suddenly we got an e-mail with a demand to take a decision in one week. Two venues for the stages have already been changed: Moscow and Tehran became Khanty-Mansiysk and Tbilisi – no consistency.'

At the same time, Fabiano's views are not that revolutionary.

It's for the best that Carlsen has agreed to play in Sochi (despite his doubts) and the chess world hasn't returned to 'the same total chaos as in the 90s after Kasparov and Short created the PCA', Caruana said.


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