Anna Ushenina Forfeited in Women's Ukrainian Championship

Время публикации: 15.11.2014 21:23 | Последнее обновление: 15.11.2014 21:31

According to the information provided by the Ukrainian Chess Federation, the 2012 Women's World Champion Anna Ushenina hasn't shown up for her round 2 game of the Ukrainian Women's Championship which is taking place in Lviv simultaneously with the men's event.

The day before yesterday, Ushenina had lost to the 16-years-old Iulija Osmak, while yesterday she has neither made any statements nor informed the arbiters about the reasons behind her absence. She was then expelled from the tournament and, according to the championship arbiters, has already left Lviv.

According to our sources, at first Anna Ushenina complained about the lighting of the tournament hall and about her accommodation. Both of the issues were fixed, and nothing would indicate her withdrawal after round 1, even though she lost her starting game. However, the next morning she left to Kiev by train, to inform the arbiters only later.

The arbiters state that Ushenina was forfeited in accordance with the regulations, as she had neither contacted the organizers nor informed them about her whereabouts till the end of the 2nd round.

We've also learned that Ushenina had complained about the absence of anti-cheating control in the Championship. The whole issue is currently being insevtigated by the Ukrainian Chess Federation.


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