Kasimdzhanov to Tomashevsky: I Am More Solid!

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So far, the sun doesn't want to show up in Baku - the sky has been cloudy for already 3 days.

A view from the hotel room

We are waiting for sunny weather to show you the city of Baku in brighter colours... Let's switch to the playing hall which is always colourful.  

Peter Svidler waiting for his turn...

...and the players' wives waiting for their husbands.

Genna Sosonko upon his arrival at Baku. He was awaited by everyone.

Svidler and Radjabov were the first to finish their game. Look how diligently the thoughts of the GMs are written down even though the game itself wasn't too exciting.

It's not easy to speak about a loss before the audience. Leinier Dominguez trying to pull himself together.

The wives are happy to be with their husbands again.

Fabiano Caruana in his usual serious mood...

However, he's not always so serious.

Instead of 16.Rd1. Nothing to add here.

Two solid players Kasimdzhanov and Tomashevsky (6 draws in 3 rounds) discussing who was more solid in their game (which ended in a draw, of course).

Alexander Grischuk was also close to a draw, but...

Grischuk had to defend a pawn-down rook endgame vs Boris Gelfand. According to Gelfand's assistant Alexander Huzman, Black was defending well, and his decision to leave Gelfand with the passed c-pawn (instead of the a-pawn) was also correct. When it came to the 2nd time control Gelfand's play lost its precision, and Grischuk seemed to be very close to a draw. However, he lacked only 1 second to make his 60th move which would have secured the equality...

"It happens."

(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)


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