US Starts Olympiad Without Nakamura

Время публикации: 01.08.2014 18:36 | Последнее обновление: 01.08.2014 18:54

The leader of the US team fails to aarive in time

Tweeting this the day prior his journey to Tromso Olympiad Hikaru Nakamura might not have even imagined how long his trip would be.   

Today Nakamura explained what happened: 

"Twitter simply is too short, so I will attempt to explain things a bit more clearly on facebook. For starters, I was supposed to arrive in London on July 31st at 2PM, but unfortunately on July 30th, I missed a connection (2 hours) because of horrible rain and lightning storms. Amazingly, the next arriving flights arrived (yes, I did speak with United representatives about other routes) on August 1st at 6:55AM, but unfortunately my Norwegian Air flight was for 5:55AM this morning. As such, I chose to call ebookers from Houston yesterday afternoon before the flight to confirm an August 2nd arrival with Norwegian Airlines via Bergen. Once I landed this morning, and failed to see an email, I suddenly, much to my horror, realized that they had made a mistake and charged me $1050 change fee! This morning, I phoned again to see what was possible.

Unfortunately, as they told me, much to my chagrin, the earliest I could get in was August 3rd (with the same departure). While many people are mentioning one way flights, they conveniently forget that you need a return, and no matter what site one goes to, there are no return flights available for August 15th. So, were I to buy a one way ticket, then I would end up having delays/cancellations on the back end of the trip as well.

I simply do not understand why the organizers with a massive budget did not attempt to add a few extra flights so that A) the prices would be a bit cheaper even on original tickets and B)so that the availability would not be such an issue in the case of delays."

According to Nakamura's tweets the earliest possible time of his arrival is august 3rd which means that the US team will play at least two rounds without its leader. 


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