Rating Updates: Hou Only 15 Points Behind Polgar; Caruana Enters 2800+ Club, Kramnik 10th First Since 1993

Время публикации: 31.07.2014 23:24 | Последнее обновление: 31.07.2014 23:29

FIDE published an updated rating list for August.

Overall rating, classical chess
Magnus Carlsen 2877, Levon Aronian 2805, Fabiano Caruana 2801

Fabiano Caruana 2858, Magnus Carlsen 2855, Alexander Grischuk 2828

Magnus Carlsen 2948, Hikaru Nakamura 2906, Ian Nepomniachtchi 2880

Classical chess, women
Judit Polgar 2676, Hou Yifan 2661, Humpy Koneru 2598

Rapid, women
Judit Polgar 2646, Humpy Koneru 2611, Hou Yifan 2600

Blitz, women
Judit Polgar 2736, Anna Muzychuk 2665, Hou Yifan 2662

Noteworthy changes are Fabiano Caruana's improvement to world #3 with 2800+ rating and Vladimir Kramnik drop to #10 (from Russians he is surpassed by GMs Grschuk and Karjakin).
Already in July Vladimir lost positions eventually occupying 8th. Currently it is the worst result for him since January 1993 when he entered the list of world's best 10 first. Although Kramnik was 9th in April 2006, he still defeated Veselin Topalov in the united World title match soon after.

The women's section also has interesting updates. Hou Yifan is now extremely close to Judit Polgar who has been heading the list for over 25 years. Now Hou losses Polgar only 15 points. Now we can only be guessing if the Hungarian would manage to maintain leading position if she was playing more actively for the recent years.

As to the junior rating (under 20) anish Giri leads as classic, so rapid lists, however blitz is after Richard Rapport. In women's section Hou Yifan the reigning "adult" champion has no challengers. 


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