Ukrainian Team Coach Mikhail Brodsky: "Our Team Is Not a Bit Weaker Now"

Время публикации: 31.07.2014 21:26 | Последнее обновление: 31.07.2014 21:49

The coach of the Ukrainian women's national team GM Mikhail Brodsky gave an interview to XSPORT, we offer you extracts below. Namely Brodsky told about the situation in the team prior to the start of the Olympiad which opens on August 1 in Tromso.  

In January Brodsky still "had a big hope" that the team would have both Kateryna Lagno and Anna Muzychuk among the members. Due to the switch of the federations by Lagno, Ukraine didn't manage to gather a starry team, but according to the coach "at least the team hasn't become any weaker." Brodsky doesn't connect transfers of these two players to each other. 

Would Ukrainians have an additional motivation for the match against Russian national team? 
"Russian team is traditionally our main opponent, so there's no need in having any additional motivation." 

Forced quick acclimatization:
"We have enough 
but not excessive financial support. We will have only half a day to acclimatize, then rest a bit and then enter the fight! I will of course try to give the players the equal load, so the leaders be able to rest."

On the main rivals:
"As usually those are Russia, China and Georgia. Those teams and we will be fighting for the first place. Maybe some dark horse team will compete for the third place, but I am sure one of the abovementioned teams is going to win. Maybe Chinese have better chances to win, they have Hou Yifan in the team and she is above all other players for today." [If not taking into account Judit Polgar, who doesn't play for the women's team for the last twenty years already - CN]

On the atmosphere at the Olympiad:
"We [chess players - CN] always had mutually respectful attitude towards each other and I iam not going to fight with my colleagues. We will behave in accordance to the sporting rules and I can't predict of what are they going to do." 

Оn the chances of the men's team:
"Overall mood is good. We have a new team meber anton Korobov. This is far not his first performance for the team but this is the first time he plays at the Olympiad. He has already played for the team at the World team championship last December. And his performance was very successful. The competition is tougher in men's section, Russian team is always a conventional favourite, but they still fail to win the Olympiad. Overall up to twenty teams can fight for the first in men's section." 


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