Masters Final to Be Held In Bilbao Simultaneously with the ECCC

Время публикации: 11.07.2014 18:44 | Последнее обновление: 11.07.2014 18:44

The orgainzers of Bilbao Masters published a press release in which they announce that the 7th Grand Slam Final will gather the former world champion Vishy Anand, ex-champion FIDE Ruslan Ponomariov, world #2 and twofold winner of Masters Final Levon Aronian and the strongest player of Spain GM Vallejo.

The double round-robin competition is scheduled to take place simultaniously with the European Cup (September 14-20). As usually the winner gets 3 points, draw is worth a point. Together with the Club Cup the competition will gather most of the worlds strongest 50 players.

The event has been presented by the director of the tournament Andoni Madariaga and the chess journalist Leonxio Garcia.

The organizers also inform that the Masters Final and the European Club Cup will be divided again between two megapolises (like Shanghai and Sao Paulo) in 2015.


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