Korchnoi Again Plays Chess. Against Uhlmann, not Spassky Though (GAMES)

Время публикации: 28.03.2014 21:15 | Последнее обновление: 28.03.2014 23:04

The match with Korchnoi's participation started in Leipzig Germany. Korchnoi's opponent is not Spassky, as it was announced earlier, but Wolfgang Uhlmann. German GM turns 79 tomorrow, while Korchnoi will turn 83 on March 23.

Match consists of four games, those are most likely not broadcasted online. Korchnoi beat his German colleague in the first match game. 

 [Date "2014.03.28"] [Round "1"] [White "Korchnoi, Viktor"] [Black "Uhlmann, Wolfgang"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "E92"] [PlyCount "109"] [SourceDate "2014.03.28"] 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. Nf3 O-O 6. Be2 e5 7. Bg5 Nbd7 8. Qc1 c6 9. d5 cxd5 10. cxd5 a6 11. a4 Nc5 12. Nd2 h6 13. Be3 Ne8 14. a5 f5 15. b4 Nd7 16. f3 fxe4 17. Ndxe4 Ndf6 18. O-O Nxe4 19. Nxe4 Kh7 20. Ra3 Bd7 21. Rc3 Rc8 22. Rxc8 Qxc8 23. Qb1 Bf5 24. Rc1 Qd7 25. b5 Nc7 26. bxa6 Nxd5 27. axb7 Rb8 28. a6 Nxe3 29. a7 Rxb7 30. a8=Q Rxb1 31. Rxb1 Bxe4 32. fxe4 Qc7 33. Qa3 Nc2 34. Qc1 Qa7+ 35. Kh1 Nd4 36. Bc4 g5 37. Bd5 Ne2 38. Qf1 Nf4 39. Rb7 Qe3 40. g3 Qe2 41. Qxe2 Nxe2 42. Rd7 h5 43. Rxd6 h4 44. Kg2 hxg3 45. hxg3 Nc3 46. Be6 Bf6 47. Bf5+ Kg7 48. Kh3 Nb5 49. Rd7+ Kf8 50. Kg4 Nd4 51. Kh5 Ke8 52. Rb7 Ne2 53. Kg6 Be7 54. Bd7+ Kd8 55. Bb5 1-0

We found the game on argedrez.com/pgnviewer/visorjs.aspx?id=121175

Screenshots of online broadcast at uni-leipzig.de, where Spassky is mentioned as Korchnoi's rival.

Let us remind you, Spassky recently announced he didn't get an invitation to play the match against Korchnoi. 


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  • Viktor Korchnoi hasn't played any rated games since 23rd September, 2012. He suffered a stroke later in 2012, which made most experts think that the chess legend wouldn't be able to return to competitive chess. In March 2013, however, Korchnoi played an exhibition match of 2 games in Leipzig vs Wolfgang Uhlmann, with the time control of 60 min/game for each. Korchnoi won 2-0.

  • A half of the rapid match (2 games out of total 4) between Viktor Korchnoi and Wolfgang Uhlmann has been played today in Zurich, as a part of Zurich Chess Challenge. Both games were won by White. The German veteran outplayed Korchnoi in the first encounter, but found himself in a hopeless position already at the beginning of the second game. The realization by Korchnoi was quite convincing.

  • The rapid match between Viktor Korchnoi and Wolfgang Uhlmann has come to an end in Zurich as a part of the Zurich Chess Challenge. On the second playing day, the renowned veteran players exchanged victories again, with a difference that both today's games were won by Black. Thus, the final score is equal - 2-2.

    All the games of the match can be replayed below.

  • This morning Victor Korchnoi, who lives in Switzerland and represents that country in competitions, has arrived to the Kramnik - Aronian match in Zurich for the remaining two days. As always, he is not alone but with his wife Petra Leeuwerik. The legendary grandmaster has just played two rapid games with the sponsor of the match Oleg Skvortsov and then hasn't declined to play blitz, although that wasn't planned. All the games ended in favour of the veteran player.

  • Viktor Korchnoi is among the participants of the strong open tournament which will take place in Zurich from December 26 to 30. It is a 7-round Swiss competition, the rating favourites are Radoslaw Woijtaszek 2711, Evgeny Alekseev 2698, Andrei Istratescu 2670, Boris Grachev 2669 and others. 

  • The Christmas Open started today in Zurich. The rating favourites are Radoslaw Woijtaszek 2711, Evgeny Alekseev 2698, Andrei Istratescu 2670, Boris Grachev 2669.

  • Viktor Korchnoi will not be able to participate in the Olympiad which will start in ten days and will not reinforce his team of Switzerland. The chess legend had to give up his trip to Turkey because of his poor health. So the leader of the team Yannik Pelletier will thus be accompanied by Joseph J. Gallagher, Oliver Kurmann, Richard Forster and Werner Hug.