Nakamura Declines U.S. Championship Invite, There's no "Elite"

Время публикации: 20.03.2014 19:41 | Последнее обновление: 20.03.2014 19:47

The US Chess Championship is scheduled to take place from May 7-20 in St. Louis. This is the 6th edition of the championship, however, the winners don't really differ from year to year: in men's section gold goes to either Gata Kamsky, or Hikaru Nakamura; in women's one the first place has been occupied by either Krush or Zatonskih.

As in previous year GM Kamsky won't have his main challenger participating in the event: Nakamura has again declined the invitation to US championship. Mike Wilmering quotes Nakamura, who announced about "his decision to prepare for, and compete against, only the world’s elite."

At the moment 11 GMs of the round-robin are known: Kamsky, Gareev, Akobian, Onischuk, Erenburg, Robson, Shankland, Naroditsky, Friedel, Lenderman, Ramirez.
One place is still vacant. 

This isn't the first time Nakamura declines an invitation to play at the championship, earlier it happened in 2011 and 2013.


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