Dvorkovich Memorial, Rapid: Korobov Wins on a 3rd Tiebreak

Время публикации: 16.01.2014 19:44 | Последнее обновление: 16.01.2014 21:10

Mikhail Krjukov, the chief arbiter of the rapid competition at Dvorkovich Memorial, announced the final standings. 128 participants competed for the main prize during two days. As long as four GMs finished gathering 8.5 points out of 11 the tiebreak was counted to determine the winner. 

Anton Korobov maintained lead with 7.5/8 having defeated Morozevich, Savchenko and Motylev among others, but then he lost against Pavel Smirnov letting his nearest rivals to catch him. Dmitry Bocharev led before the last round, but he was defeated by Onischuk in the decisive round. As a result, Korobov, Bocharev, Smirnov and Onischuk gathered 8.5 points each. 

The games unfortunately were not broadcasted.  


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