Sergey Karjakin: "Vugar Told Me Now I Have to Play For Us Both"

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E.SUROV: Sergey Karakin, Wijk aan Zee and the first point... And the first question: how did you gain this point? Tell us about your game against Loek van Wely.

S.KARJAKIN: In order to tell about my game, I should first mention the news you have already heard of. My best friend Vugar Gashimov passed away and that has definitely influenced my play. Maybe the game itself wasn't any bad but my mood while playing... I've been remembering my friend Vugar practically throughout the entire game. It didn't matter for me whether I would win this game or not, I just relised that there are things that matter more than winning any particjlar game.

As regards to the game... [more on the game here].

E.SUROV: The news on Vugar's death arrived close to the start of Round 1. What did it feel like to have to go and play? Was there a wish to finish the game quickly?

S.KARJAKIN: Well, there was such a wish and if my opponent has dried out the position, I wouldn't be very against of a draw. But as long as he gave me a chance... I am a professional player, so I have to do my job. It was of course very hard. On the other hand I knew that his condition was very tough, so taking into account what I've been told earlier, that was inevitable and I was ready for it morally; that, however, didn't make it any easier to face this news. It is a striking news.

E.SUROV: I am fully aware of how hard it is for you now and perhaps it's better to talk about it later, but you said Vugar was your best friend, so maybe you could remember some interesting story you've lived through together? What comes to your mind right now?

S.KARJAKIN: I specially remember two last tournaments we both participated in. Those are Mind Games 2011 in China and Wijk aan Zee 2012. I remember them so brightly because we spent a lot of time together  - we had breakfasts, dinners and suppers together. We really spent lots of time together back then.

As to remembering any particular story... For instance, I may recall the time when he was already very sick, but had improvement for some time. First of all, he congratulated me when I won the World Rapid Championship and last year he was even helping me a bit while playing in Wijk aan Zee, he was very optimistic, he used to say everything would be fine and that he would recover and come back to chess... It didn't happen so. I especially remember what he told me after I became the world rapid champion, he said now I had to play for us both.

E.SUROV: Thank you.


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