The Night Watch in Wijk aan Zee

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Sergey Karjakin improved Rembrandt 

The opening ceremony and drawing of the two main competitions of the 76th Tata Steel on Tour festival took place today. The 'on tour' addition means that the participants of A-Group will play not only in Wijk aan Zee but also in Amsterdam (Round 4) and Eindhoven (Round 9). By that, the organisers hope to attract more attention to the competition and keep the tournament alive in future.     

The drawing, which was hosted in the buIlding of the the main sponsor, was quite long, but not boring at all. The participants of the B-Group were creatively presented by the famous anchor in the Netherlands. For the drawing of A-Group were used the actors dressed as the characters in Rembrandt's painting "The Night Watch."   

Comparing the photo you can see on the home page to the painting, you might notice the difference - Sergey Karjakin almost grabbed the role of the central character. 

Other players made a more "prosaic" choice of their hero. Those passed the players their numbers in the table. 

Don't miss Evgeny Surov's photo report from the spot soon on Chess-News. 
Information on the tournament  


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