There Will Be 5 Rest Days

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Wijk aan Zee ready for the 76th edition

The 76th Wijk aan Zee festival starts on January 10th. As we have already reported it will have less participants this year. Only two main competitions will take place, while in the top tournament there will be 12 GMs instead of 14.   

Participants' list of A-Group:
Levon Aronian
Fabiano Caruana
Hikaru Nakamura
Sergey Karjakin
Boris Gelfand
Leinier Dominguez
Anish Giri
Loek van Wely 

Arkadij Naiditsch
Richard Rapport
Pentala Harikrishna

Earlier one place was reserved for either Carlsen or Anand, but apparently both decided not to partiicpate in this year's edition. 

Radoslaw Woijtaszek
Baadur Jobava 
Yu Yangyi
Ivan Saric 
Sabino Brunello 
Jan Timman 
Dimitri Reinderman 
Zhao Xue 
Anna Muzychuk 
Jan-Krzysztof Duba
Benjamin Bok
Kayden Troff
Etienne Goudriaan
Merijn van Delft

This year the schedules of A and B groups won't coincide. That's not only because of the different number of participants. If B-Group will have three free days, GMs playing in A-Group will be able to rest for five days. There's also another oinnovation: not all 11 rounds will be held in Wijk aan Zee; Round 4 will take place in Rijksmuseum located in Amsterdam, the 9th round will be played in the High Tech Campus of Eindhoven. 



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