Thorough Look at the Regulations of the Candidates (Attachement)

Время публикации: 23.12.2013 22:18 | Последнее обновление: 23.12.2013 22:30

As Vishy Anand announced he is still undecided about his participation in the Candidates, we decided to take a thorough look at the regulations.

Paragraph 3.3 about Confirmation of Participation / Conduct of Players says:

"​3. 3. 2 A player who returns his signed contract but withdraws at least one month before the event's 1st round shall be replaced by a player as described in article 2.6.

3. 3. 3 Any player who withdraws at a date when less than one month is left for the event's 1st round, shall not be replaced.

3. 3. 4 Players that fail to provide a satisfactory reason for withdrawal, after they have signed the player's contract, will be excluded from the next World Championship cycle."

More to be found in the attachement:

regscandidates2014.pdf331.64 KB


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