Sergey Karjakin: "I Got that Fighting Merciless Mood" (PHОТОS)

Время публикации: 18.12.2013 19:27 | Последнее обновление: 18.12.2013 23:37

As we already reported Sergey Karjakin of Russia won the basque system chess competition in Beijing where World Mind Games have been taking place. He commented on his success for our website:

"Overall I am very satisfied with my performance in Beijing. I was really upset when I failed to maintain a good start on the first playing day in rapid competition. I won three first games in a row, but in the last game lost against Peter Leko in a drawn endgame. That definitely influenced my further play - next day Iost two games in a row and as a result gathered only 50%.

I took a special approach to blitz competition. I got that fighting merciless mood after not quite successful start (5.5 out of 10 rounds). Then I told myself that I should forget about the result and just gain pleasure from playing. As a result I caught Aronian in the last round and surpassed him due to the personal encounter. Of course I was very happy: I managed to finish first in a strong round-robin tournament. Almost all the strongest players were participating except Carlsen and some of those playing in London.    

In "Bronstein chess" [basque system chess - CN] I decided to be extremely concentrated. My motivation grew due to the first games against Leko in which I managed to take revenge for the upsetting loss in rapid. Then I had a very difficult match against Aronian which also finished in my favor. Then everything went much easier. I played easily and confidently, I posed problems for my rivals on both boards and easily kept myself concentrated. As a result I finished without losses.   

I am of course satisfied with the overall performance. I only regret that after such a great start I didn't manage to fight for the win in rapid. Hat-trick would be great but double win in the tournaments of such level and with that kind of tense schedule is also not any worse. I can only add that my beloved girlfriend and angry manager inspired me to win."

UPD. We got Galiya Kamalova's photos from Bejing. 


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