Peter Svidler: "I'll Be Preparing for the Candidates, but I Don't Plan to Play"

Время публикации: 08.12.2013 16:27 | Последнее обновление: 08.12.2013 16:27

Peter Svidler gave an interview to Sport Weekend in which he noted that playing tournaments isn't in his plan of preparation for the Candidates scheduled for March. "I will be preparing, but I don't plan to play. Of course someone will be helping me."

This is what GM said about Russian teams recent success at the WTCC:

"It's very important that the ice has eventually broken. We haven't won big team tournaments since 2010. The guys showed brilliant moral and volitional qualities after  aquite unsuccessful start. In case of a microinaccuracy, micromistake all chances to win the medals would be lost. But in the end they mobilized and won all the matches left. Including the most important match against Ukraine. I can only praise the guys. Nepomniachtchi deserves a special mention. Ian not just gathered points, but he was winning in the key matches."


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