Carlsen Didn't Have Seconds in India

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Only Jon Ludvig Hammer was helping Magnus during the match. Via Skype 

When Magnus Carlsen was asked to name his seconds at the press conference held after Game 10, he mentioned only Jon Ludvig Hamner and the journalists suggested Norwegian wants to hide the names of others.   

What Norwegian website reported can be marked as a sensation: not a single second had Carlsen in India, only Hammer worked with him via Skype. The webpage notes that even "lonely wolf" Fischer brought seconds to the match against Spassky in 1972 and now imagining playing the match without seconds is simply unthinkable.     

Norwegian journalist Leif Erlend Johannessen who writes the book about the match which has just finished thinks that Carlsen's "strange" choice can be explained by his utter self-confidence. "He knows that he is the strongest player for today and that's why ultimately he trusts only himself. Also, a huge team of seconds around may literary suck out energy."

This is what Carlsen said, "In general I do a lot of things that are considered unusual by others, so it's quite ok. The main is to feel comfortable and feel that condition in which you can show all you can."  

Hammer prepared lines for Magnus at nights, then he sent them to Carlsen in the mornings. According to the source, Magnus's manager Espen Agdestein was worried after Game 4 not to overwhelm Hammer.   

"Jon Ludvig did a great job," Carlsen says about his 23-year-old compatriot. "He fully neutralized Anand's White what actually helped to win the match in the end."

Tarjei Svensen cites Carlsen on his Twitter page: it turns out that during the match Magnus spent about an 1-1.5 hours a day for preparation. To prepare for the last game Magnus allocated only 10 minutes, "I only needed to check out something."

Let us remind you that Anand had four seconds: Peter Leko, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, Krishnan Sasikiran and Chanda Sandipan.

Jon Ludvig Hammer arrived to Chennai yesterday, before the closing ceremony he has played basketball with Carlsen. 

This and the photo on home page: Aas, Erlend / NTB scanpix


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