Silvio Danailov Proposed to Create the "Top League of Europe"

Время публикации: 20.11.2013 18:52 | Последнее обновление: 20.11.2013 19:09

General Assembly supported Silvio Danailov's proposal  

The official website of the European Chess Union informs about the decisions approved by the General Assembly recently in Warsaw. Namely, "The delegates accepted the report of the auditor and treasurer for the year of 2012, as well as the budget for 2014. The budget expected revenues are €246,500, while the expenses are 10,000 € lower." Mr. Danailov proposed to form the so-called "Top League of Europe" for 8 teams who would play a round-robin tournament, while the other teams would play "Euroleague" according to the current system. It has been decided that, after the federations state their opinion, the final version of rules will be adopted at the next General Assembly in Tromso.

Another decision made in Warsaw (with 5 abstentions) to reject the recommendation of FIDE about the changes of ECU Tournament Rules to abolish "40 moves" rule concerning the European Individual Championships for Men and Women (qualifying competitions for the World Championship cycle). Also, "the delegates found it unacceptable for FIDE to appoint officials for these competitions and determine minimum prize fund. As a gesture of good will, the General Assembly authorized the ECU Board to appoint a commission who will meet with representatives of FIDE and try to find a compromise solution, in the spirit of the motto of all chess players "Gens una sumus"".

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