Garry Kasparov on Anand-Carlsen Match: "Warm-Up Time Over!"

Время публикации: 13.11.2013 01:33 | Последнее обновление: 13.11.2013 01:50

Garry Kasparov commented on the 3rd game of the world title match between Carlsen and Anand on his Twitter-page: 

"My feeling is Magnus is trying to reach "his" positions, where he can play forever with little risk. Anand has blocked this plan very well.

Not sure if Anand missed a win as some suggest, but at the time I was surprised he played 33..Qb4 [with further 34...Bxb2 - CN] so quickly. Pawn on b2 is dead meat. The bishop went the wrong way! f2 is the juicy target. 33..Rf8 looked much stronger. Maybe Vishy played it a little too safe there.

It's hard to switch to "win" mode if you are playing with mentality that draw with black is good result. Psychological pull toward safety.

Carlsen got nothing in the opening. He wants calm positions but so far is getting calm & slightly worse against Anand's strong reactions. That is, Anand is responding in way that offers either a sharp fight not to Carlsen's preferred style or calm with no advantage. Well done.

Yes, was surprised to see Carlsen think after Vishy took with 3..dxc4. I'm sure Vishy took some confidence from that. There is a nice trap I saw if White tries a trick with 7.Nxe5? Bxe5 8.Bxc6+ bxc6 9.Qxc6+ Bd7 10.Qe4 f6 11.f4 Ne7! 12.fxe5 Bc6 Oops!

Will know more tomorrow about match evaluation. Anand gets second white, warm-up time over! But clear as I said, no walkover for Magnus.

So far like wrestling, with Magnus trying for a clinch & slow squeeze & Vishy handily fighting out of it but not pushing hard for more.

No, no chance for anything 'great' yet, so don't blame players. But also, 'great' not always needed to win match & that's what matters!

Anand didn't play great vs Topalov or Gelfand but he beat them both! Vs Kramnik he was fantastic & I'm sure Magnus is very aware of that. An old tiger may not be able to chase down his prey like he used to, but put your head in his mouth & you learn his teeth are still sharp!

But that is all just talk & what matters is preparation & good moves & high energy each game. Can't get too caught up in these clouds."  

Kasparov also stressed he arrived in Chennai only as a spectator, " I am not working with Magnus & am here as a spectator. Not second, not commentator, not politician! Yes, was very nice reception [audience - CN]. Kind but a little troubling people applauded when I entered playing hall. Players can hear that, not good!"


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