Kasparov In Chennai. But Not Awaited

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"Chess tourist" may not be allowed to enter the press center of the match

Garry Kasparov as promised earlier came to Chennai to visit 3rd and 4th games of the world title match. Livemint.com reports the 13th world champion and FIDE president candidate was ignored - he was met only by the workers of Hyatt Regency Hotel. Kasparov arrived with his wife without an official invitation, just as a "chess tourist."

“In my view, this is a PR (public relations) disaster for the Indian chess federation,” said an Indian grandmaster, asking not to be named. “In the light of Kasparov’s plans to contest the Fide elections next year, the Indian chess federation got swayed by the political implications of his visit. But this isn’t any way to treat a player of his stature.”

Fide vice-president Sundar's words are quoted on FIDE website, “Who are we to welcome or not welcome him?” he asked.

Moreover, Kasparov may not be allowed to enter the press center, "“I have been advised by the Indian chess federation that he should not be allowed to enter the media centre (from where Fide officials and the two players have been addressing press conferences),” Arvind Aaron, press officer for the Chennai 2013 world title match, said on Monday."

According to the website "When told that the organizers refuse to take note of his visit to Chennai, he said Fide was “concerned” that he could get a lot of media attention in India and that the Indian chess federation wasn’t backing him as Fide president."

Image - livemint.com


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