"New and More Active Approach To The Role of Arbiter." Anti-Cheating Committee Proposals

Время публикации: 08.10.2013 01:04 | Последнее обновление: 08.10.2013 01:04

ACP President Emil Sutovsky published one of Anti-Cheating Committee member's, Yuri Garrett's report on the Committee meeting on his Facebook page.

The Anti-Cheating delegation was composed of ACP Board Director IO Yuri Garrett (ITA), IA Laurent Freyd (FRA), GM Konstantin Landa (RUS) and IM Prof. Kenneth Regan (USA) joined FIDE Vice President Mr. Israel Gelfer, Chairman of the joint ACP/FIDE Anti-Cheating Committee.

Below are the proposals presented at the meeting:

"Two sets of requirements, more stringent at the top/professional only level (World Championship Cycle, Olympiads, Round Robins, etc.) and amateur/professional level (FIDE Opens). This was increased to three levels, upon suggestion of Mr. Gelfer, to include special regulations for Youth Tournaments.

- an anti-cheating approach based solely on the violation of existing regulations and not on finding final evidence of cheating;

- changes to the law of chess to the effect of determining sanctions for behaviors that can lead to cheating or may appear to be leading to cheating;

- other changes to the law of chess required for integrating the new anti-cheating effort;

- establishing the different roles of tournament director, arbiters, Anti-Cheating Commission, players, others;

- a new and more active approach to the role of arbiter, by increasing arbiter duties and powers;

- an obligation for players to withstand searching in the playing area or during play if requested;

- a very sophisticated and scientifically verified statistical tool elaborated by Prof. Kenneth Regan for detecting suspicious play;

- procedures for detecting fraud by means of: a) physical + statistical evidence; b) physical evidence only; c) statistical evidence only;

- different procedures for filing cheating allegations, both during the game and after the game; for a) players; b) arbiters; c) Anti-Cheating Commission; d) others;

- an equally rigid system of sanctions for both cheaters and witch-hunters;

- creation of a permanent Anti-Cheating Commission within FIDE, endowed with special powers.

- suggested use of scanners and scramblers where suitable;

- separation of prosecuting and judging bodies."

ACP has also suggested prohibiting the use of all electronic devices at top events "whereas in amateur/professional tournaments they should only be away from the player's reach. This means that, in minor tournament, electronic devices can be taken into the playing hall and separately stored (e.g. in a bag), but no player will be allowed to carry them with him (in a pocket, in a jacket, in a bag etc.) during play, even if turned off."

The meeting was held during two days.


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