Ten Women Behind The Glass

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Wroclaw: Nino Batsiashvili and Joanna Majdan lead after five rounds

A strong round-robin with ten women is taking place in Wroclaw, Poland. The favourite Lilit Mkrtchian (Armenia, 2469) is followed by Monika Socko (Poland, 2444) and Ekaterina Atalik (Turkey, 2433).

Among participants are two Georgians, three Polish, Vega Gutierrez of Spain and Marta Michna who represents Germany. 

Marta Michna

Polonia Wrocław is an unique chess club - it combines sporting success with high-level organization. The players of the club belong to the polish chess elite, being representatives of the polish national team during international championships, i.a. Mateusz Bartel, fourth times Polish champion and winner of the the Aeroflot open, the worlds strongest open. Dariusz Świercz, U20, U18 world champion, Jolanta Zawadzka and Iweta Rajlich, Polish and European club cup medalist. The club is also intensively  training children on a wide scale, which results in obtaining medals in the most important events in the world. Regularly about 200 children take part in the chess trainings. Our youth regularly win medals in the Polish, European and World chess championship.

Polonia Wrocław regularly organizes a number of tournaments for children as well as for adults. The most important event was the European Individual Chess Championship and  Wroclaw chess festival- a real feast of the royal game, in which each year a few hundred chess players take part from all over the world. By this means the club promotes among the inhabitants of the city values which are being associated with chess: strategical planning, critical thinking, improvement of the ability to solve problems, concentration, abstract reasoning and the analysis and assessment of a situation.

Passes-by can observe the games played behind the glass.

The club Polonia Wroclaw organizes the event.
Таble, schedule, results, all games and other information

Check out the photo shoot of the participants.


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