Anatoly Karpov: "Beating Anand Is Not Easy, But Carlsen Has Chances"

Время публикации: 10.08.2013 14:15 | Последнее обновление: 10.08.2013 14:15

Anatoly Karpov who is now in Tromso shared his opinion on the upcoming World Championship match Anand - Carlsen.

"The whole world is waiting for this match with a great interest and it's quite clear that Anand and Carlsen are the best players nowadays. Magnus achieved many big successes and victories in his not very long chess career; he is young, he has good age. I think he is in the best age to become the world champion. Anand is very experienced and he is the world champion for many years already. He was also a ypung star and became known already when he was 16. At least I met him for the first time at this age. So, he is well-prepared. This is not an easy task to beat Anand, but Magnus has chances.

Magnus will have some problems with climate and food: less with climate, more with food. He has to be very carefull, but these are [the factors] besides chess. As to chess, he must show his best form, he must be well-prepared. I think he has knowledge and the time he was working with Kasparov, I don't know if they still work together, gave him a good understanding of what is the fight for the world title: this is absolutely different from any other even the strongest tournament: it has special character, special atmosphere."    

If you could give Magnus only one piece of advice what would you say?

"Just to make right estimation of his own strengths and weakenesses and the weakenesses and strong points of the opponent," the 12th world champion answered.


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