Movie About Mikhail Tal May Be Released by the End of Next Year

Время публикации: 18.07.2013 21:30 | Последнее обновление: 18.07.2013 22:57

Zhanna Tal, the daughter of the famous world champion, told about the movie "Mikhail Tal" shooting of which is planned to take place in the nearest future in the in the interview to sports. ru:

"Of course this will be a fiction story, however, the name and some facts won't be changed. I am sure in success of this movie. It will be shot in Hollywood, a lot of countries will be involved. I hope this will popularize chess in Latvia. At the moment there are not a lot of investments in chess.

We plan to start shooting this year. The fund "Film of Latvia" allocated a considerable sum of money for the movie. We have a sample scenario and professionals are already working on it. I suppose the pre-production will already be this year. Most probably the film will be released at the end of the next year. This won't be a TV-format movie. The film is created for the global audience, since American script writers and directors will be working on it.

We haven't decided the actor for the lead yet, but if everything works out, the female lead, that is my mother, will be played by Charlotte Gainsbourg.

This was Igor Pronin's initiative. Two years ago Igor brought Hollywood, they were shooting first American movie in Latvia - The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler. It was produced for Hallmark (a cable television network that broadcasts across the United States - O.B.) and gained popularity among global audience.

Pronin established good relationship with the Hollywood actors. The idea was born and we started collecting information which showed that Tal is well known in US and he is even more popular than Fischer. Tal and Capablanca are the players who are very well known in America."          


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