Veselin Тopalov: "Important Is That I Don't Spend a Lot of Time Far From Home Just In Vain"

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Е.SUROV: It is 14:00 MSK Time and our guest online from Beijing is Veselin Topalov. Hello Veselin!


Е.SUROV: I didn't really think I would have to congratulate you right after the end of this competition but it turned out you won the Grand Prix Series. That's great, isn't it?

V.TOPALOV: Yes, of course that's a great achievement for me. It can't be compared to a win in San Luis, but... All stages were strong with strong opponents and this is undoubtedly one of the biggest achievements in my career. So, I am very happy.

E.SUROV: How did this tournament go for you? It seems like it wasn't easy for you to play.

V.TOPALOV: Yes, it was a nail-biting competition. Personally my play wasn't stable: sometimes I blundered - as in the game against Mamedyarov, other times I showed a brilliant play - like in the encounter against Karjakin. I think you can say the same about some other players as well. You can take a look at Gelfand's games for instance... Even Mamedyarov lost two games and I guess he also can't say that everything went perfect. Only Leko didn't lose a single game. I think this was a very, very tough tournament for everyone.

The toughest moment for me was my yesterday's loss. In an absolutely normal position - in which I actually think I even had some chances... (incomprehensible) It's hard to describe the type of the blunder I made - how can one play like that... Fortunately I managed to recover and play a good game today.

Е.SUROV: How would you explain the fact that not only you but other players too made some terrible blunders? I mean some attribute that to China, its climate...

V.TOPALOV: I wouldn't say so. The same happened to me in Greece. I think the tournaments are quite long and eventually you just become tired. At the same time Sofia rules allow no rest. For instance in other tournaments you could have a rest day by making a draw. There also are a lot of participants who have been playing non-stop.

E.SUROV: What is your plan for the nearest future? Do you plan to have some rest?

V.TOPALOV: Yes, I'm very happy to know that I can make plans as long as I guaranteed a place in the Candidates. As I know Mamedyarov's second place, on the contrary, is not stable; so I can celebrate and rest. My next tournament is the match against Laznicka in Czech Republic. I guess it will be held from September 15th to 22nd. For me it was very important to know if I'm in Candidates, because waiting till September and worrying around would be unbearable.   

Е.SUROV: As I know you declined an offer to play in the World Cup.

V.TOPALOV: Yes, I thought that my chances to get into the final weren't that high, so I decided that if I won't qualify for the Candidates through the Grand Prix Series then I won't fight for the word champion title. That's why it was so important to win here. 

Е.SUROV: As I remember after winning in Zug you said that despite a good result you are not satisfied with your play. Now the series is over for you, what would you say?

V.TOPALOV: Perhaps I would say the same. I just can't explain some of the blunders and miscalculations in absolutly normal positions. First of all that refers to the games against Mamedyarov and Giri. There also were some blunders against Wang Hao and some weird decisions in the game against Wang Yue. So, I'm absolutely not satisfied. Except today's game I am very satisfied with my play against Karjakin. I am also satisfied that I managed to recover, concentrate and show a good play twice. That is of course an important quality.

Е.SUROV: So, how are you going to celebrate your success? Where are you going from Beijing?

V.TOPALOV: We together with Silvio [Danailov - CN] fly to Madrid. I will of course celebrate with my wife in August. She already said she is very happy. important is that I don't spend a lot of time far from home just in vain. I will just have a rest from chess for several days. I am invited to my good friends' wedding in August so I guess I will be just resting at least two weeks.  

Е.SUROV: Thank you Veselin. Congratulations once again!

V.TOPALOV: Thank you very much! Good Luck!


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