Alexander Grischuk on Superfinal: "In Order to Agree to Play In Some Tournament First They Should Invite You"

Время публикации: 07.07.2013 21:02 | Последнее обновление: 07.07.2013 21:17

In the recent interview to our website Ilya Levitov, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Chess Federation, said Vladimir Kramnik will surely take part in the Superfinal, while he can't confirm Alexander Grischuk's participation. Russian GM commented on the situation after his drawn game of Round 4 of the Grand Prix Beijing against Sergey Karjakin:

"Usually [in order to agree] to play in some tournament first they should invite you. You know that's like if you had birthday, for instace, and I would tell you I will come in the evening. First you should invite me, shouldn't you. So, it's the same with the Superfinal; I should know the dates and be invited then I will be accept or maybe decline the invitation..."

Grischuk hinted that nothing is clear yet regarding the Superfinal because this year there's a very tough schedule of the tournaments for the leading chess players. "I'm declining everything [the tournaments - CN] that is not completely necessary [...] and still there's a non-stop playing...", he said.


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