St. Louis To Host Four Leaders

Время публикации: 18.06.2013 12:43 | Последнее обновление: 18.06.2013 12:53

The Sinquefield Cup will be held in September

Another super tournament got added to the chess calendar and will be held from 9 to 15 September in St. Louis. Leaders of the world rating list Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian, as well as leading U.S. players Hikaru Nakamura and Gata Kamsky will face each other. The four grandmasters will play the classic control in double round robin format.

The tournament carries the name "Sinquefield Cup" in honour of the founder of the Chess Club and Scholastic Centre in St. Louis, Rex Sinquefield (photo). Over the last four years, the businessman has consistently received a special award from the U.S. Chess Federation for his outstanding contribution to the development of chess in America.

The prize fund of the competition is 170 thousand dollars.

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