Golden Sands: 12-year-old German Merkin, Student at Dvorkovich Chess Lounge, Excluded From Tournament for Cheating

Время публикации: 16.06.2013 21:47 | Последнее обновление: 18.06.2013 02:53

The Bulgarian resort "Golden Sands" is currently hosting the traditional open tournament. This time, it gathered 222 participants of most different skills. The rating favourites are: Tigran Petrosian in 2649, Eduardo Iturrizaga 2645, Zbynek Hracek 2625.

The 12-year-old contestant from Russian German Merkin, rated 1904, would have hardly drawn any particular attention, if not the announcement of the chief arbiter Vladimir Sakotic, that has been published on the official website.

German Merkin is a student of the famous coach Sergei Dolmatov, who holds classes at the "Dvorkovich Chess Lounge". That's what Dolmatov said a little less than a year ago in his interview to RCF:

"Recently, I have got another 11-year-old student - German Merkin. He has lived in Germany for a year and we have been working over Skype, but he's returning to Moscow soon. I don't know what he will become, you can never know that. A lot will depend on the child, whether he can withstand the stress because a great amount of work, and training sessions must be very intense. "


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